Schönstatt: Begegnungen am Ursprungsort

Just a Moment
Echoes from the Feast of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Shrine Campaign

Beatrix und Gerhard Bleuel, Diözese Fulda

"We simply feel welcome here, also with the children. They are not regarded as loud or annoying, but we are just welcome as a family. They liked the kids' program. We were here once before, we often go to the shrine in Dietershausen, it's not so far."

Father Tilmann Beller, Leader of the German Schoenstatt Movement

"It's astonishing, I can't explain the result from the working forces. Personally, I feel: the Blessed Mother is here. 3,000 groups - you can't make that. It's amazing, and surprising. I know the Dambacher family since many years but how they did it, that's different, a plus in efficiency ... Thinking about this day I was most impressed by one person, by the Blessed Mother herself.

I expect a lot from this day, and from the pilgrim shrine campaign. I expect Schoenstatt to change because to average Schoenstatter will realize: I have something to share. Also those who know what they can, and what they cannot specially what they cannot and what does not work that they, and we all, again believe that impossible things are possible!"

Gertrud Öchsle, Spaichingen

"For me, this is a real big feast! I wanted to work for 100 pilgrim shrine groups in my home town, as a gift for the Blessed Mother for the year 2000, and so I began ... We have 109 groups in Spaichingen right now."


Father Matthias Rummel SAC, director of the Original Shrine

"We hope that the Pilgrims' place by the shrine is soon ready. The cross will be back in some days, the old walls with the stations of the cross will be restored ... This day was impressive, it was prayerful and interesting, simply good. I was personally impressed by the testimonies of faith given by these simple people. How to begin a conversation on faith, starting with a picture. And to see, it does not matter if people first don't go with they try again, and suddenly a door is open. I think we have workshops and conferences on high theological levels, and as we discuss, faith breaks down in the parishes. Here, you have an initiative open for everyone - kids, students, mothers ... And it makes a difference, it causes a new courage to live. Today, you could experience the validity of our faith for every day life. Maybe, passing on faith does not happen through the authority, but how it happens here the testimony of life, this encouraging sharing of experiences."

Tous family, Kirchen

"A friend asked us to join the group. We are here for the first time, but we know the Schoenstatt picture - we have a big black-and-white picture at home, from our Grandmother. We really like the Schoenstatt picture. The Blessed Mother is so close, she looks at us, and we feel inspired to just talk to her."

E. Niebergerwall, Hillscheid

"I am associated with this place through the Pallottines. Very often, I take part in classes at the college, and I join discussion groups offered there. This is the first time that I take part in a Schoenstatt event here. Since one year, we have the Pilgrim Shrine in our house. I only came back to faith two or three years ago, through a tragic incident in our family."

Maritta Tott, Weiskirchen

"Mary did a lot in the families. We also gave pilgrim shrines to the Communion children. I went to the Mission House to give a donation for Schoenstatt in the Philippines. The first day I was in Schoenstatt was a mission day on Schoenstatt in the Philippines. I did not expect so many people to come today! I was really touched when the big picture of the Blessed Mother was carried into the church, accompanied by the kids with the flags. I want to make my covenant of love soon!"

Familie Weiser, Simmern

"We made our covenant of love 18 years ago in Poland. Since 11 years, we live in Germany. We brought our home shrine with us when we came, we also placed it in the camp where we first lived. It meant a lot to us. Now we are so happy that we found courage to speak to others about Schoenstatt, with the Pilgrim Shrine. We have six groups in Simmern."

Sr. M. Irmengild, Schönstatt verantwortlich für die Organisation des Festes

"I did not expect such a weather; when we had finished our work yesterday night, I did not believe we would have sunshine today. It rained so hard! The caterers are doing their work very well - they took the risk of not knowing how many people would come. Those who sell cake are from a Vallendar bakery."

Frau Jungblut, Simmern

"I am from Kazakhstan, and I am in one of these groups. We are really international - families from Poland, Germany, and Russia! We want to continue, of course!"

Fr. Egle, Rottenburg-Stuttgart

"We have the biggest number of pilgrim shrines in our diocese. I am sure, that the Blessed Mother is working. I am impressed how the people like the MTA picture. Remember the time when we felt embarrassed because the picture was not accepted? The time when we had these line drawings of the MTA picture? I guess that's over. The picture is liked. I am also fascinated with so many people attracted who are not regular churchgoers. One lady in my town works at the post office. She shared, and found 40 persons willing to join a pilgrim shrine group."

Familie Balitzki, Berlin

"We met here with three other families from our parish in Silesia. They are all in different towns in Germany now, but they all belong to the Pilgrim Shrine Campaign. In Berlin, we have four groups now. But there are 130,000 Polish families in Berlin - we would like to invite all of them! Too bad, so far no German families belong to the groups, but families from Ecuador and Cuba do."

Ingrid Sauter, Weisenhof

"I belong to Schoenstatt since 19 years, I am member of the Schoenstatt prayer community. We have 2 groups in our town. Some of the people want to finish now, well, I'll find other ones hopefully also Protestant Christians. And specially those who are searching God."

Eva-Maria Mierswa, Hildesheim-Drispenstedt

"This was a beautiful day! We have the first group in Hildesheim, that's like a miracle. The members are from Poland, many young families. We brought a rose for each participant and placed it by the Blessed Mother. Some families also gave us envelopes with their prayer intentions."

Christine Kolb, Lindau

"I am here for the first time, and so far I liked it a lot. I know Schoenstatt since several years as I read some novenas and pamphlets about Father Kentenich. Therefore I liked to join the Pilgrim Shrine Campaign. I was looking forward for this day!"

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