Schönstatt: Begegnungen am Ursprungsort

Covenant Colors

(mkf) Souvenirs from Schoenstatt for his girl friend from Argentina, visiting Schoenstatt with the parents from Brazil, surprise meeting by the Original Shrine: "You are here?"

"I only want to buy some souvenirs for my friend in Argentina," said a young man who entered the Fr. Kentenich House. "something typical for Schoenstatt. She loves this place." He was in Schoenstatt more often, by car, but never before entered any house. He receives the information, together with a map of Schoenstatt. "Could I look at the displays here?" He walks through the house. Later, he also visited the adoration church and took a bunch of novenas.

Spring weather, fine green leaves, blossoming shrubs, daffodils, blue skies, sunshine Schoenstatt appears as a beautiful place during these spring days. Young families with children, walkers, people from the nearby towns come for a walk. 35 employees from Maria Laach came on March 26 for their annual outing. They spent some time in the Father Kentenich, asking a lot of questions. "We spent beautiful hours here," one said at the end.

Three priests from Nigeria spent a day discovering Schoenstatt; several people came from Chile. Two Chilenean couples, who did not know much about Schoenstatt, did not want to miss on visiting Schoenstatt while staying in Germany. A student from Viña del Mar, Chile spent her vacation with her mother in Italy. Both were tired afterwards, but they wanted to visit Schoenstatt while in Europe. The student showed a picture of Schoenstatt to the taxi driver in Koblenz, and made it to Schoenstatt.

A young couple living in Germany he from the Dominican Republic, she from Brazil were visited by her parents São Paulo, Brazil. Together, they drove to Schoenstatt, visited the Father Kentenich House.

"Hey, you are here?" Two women from the Münster diocese meet each other by the Original Shrine. Both of them had spontaneously decided to drive to Schoenstatt just for one day. "Not for a workshop or retreat, just for Schoenstatt!"

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