Schönstatt: Begegnungen am Ursprungsort

"One should have a day like that more often,"
Enriching Encounters

  • "One should have a day like that more often," said one young mother who had come with four of her friends from Hillringhausen near Kassel about three hours to drive. "It was so inspiring to share with the women here, and to hear about those Schoenstatt women who face the same problems we face and who make a difference. I'd like to invite my friends to start a Schoenstatt group in our town!"
  • "It's so great that faith can become a part of professional life," a legal administrator from Canada said. She was visiting with her sister in Winningen, and both decided to join this day.
  • Bigger groups of women had come by bus from Fulda, Mainz, and Bruchsal. Others came invited by friends from Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hilden, Siegen, Bonn, Wiesbaden, Limburg, Wesel, Dortmund, Meerbusch, Iserlohn, Hagen, Saarlouis, Ellwangen and other places, as well as from the nearby towns of Vallendar, Koblenz, and Bendorf.
  • Some just "dropped in" not knowing what was planned in Schoenstatt for this day. "I went to the Original Shrine this morning," one woman shared, "and a smiling young woman said: Welcome here, but now we gotta run to not be late! I just followed her in amazement, and here I am I like it very much!"
Teilnehmerinnen: Philippinische Frauen
  • "I did not know that something like that was going on here today. I just wanted to spend this Marian feastday in Schoenstatt", said a Filipino woman from Frankfurt. "What I heard touched my life. We people often have fear of the future. This day was a sign of hope and joy!" She met a group of five other Filipino women who had come from the Rüsselsheim area. One of them said: "My friend gave the invitation to me, and I was so excited! I love to come to Schoenstatt. Last year, I was in Wiesbaden for the Day for women, but some of my friends had to word. Now I could bring them here for this day." They took the car to also visit the Founder Chapel and pray in the Adoration church.
  • "I cannot often attend such a day due to my profession, but I am so grateful to have it made here today," said a kindergarten teacher from Siegen. "And I even met a young woman whose name I had read in the magazine I get from Schoenstatt!"
  • A lady in the flower shop in Vallendar could not come she had to work. Someone bought a bouquet of roses in her shop, telling her that these roses were for the feastday in Schoenstatt. "And afterwards, we'll bring them to the Original Shrine!" The lady answered: "I cannot come, but my roses will be there. I'll go to the Original

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