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This is the day of Incarnation
Holy Mass in the Pilgrim Church

Abschlussmesse in der Pilgerkirche; Chor von Frauen aus Kirrlach

At 4:00pm, the day ended with a festive holy Mass in the Pilgrim Church. A pilgrim group from Kirrlach in the Freiburg diocese, with a number of parish choir members, provided the music. The Mass texts and readings were from the feast of Annunciation, thus binding together the impressions and graces of this day.

When the Gospel about the Annunciation was read, a woman brought a big candle lit at the light from Bethlehem to the altar; an other one brought a flower bouquet. This is the day of Incarnation, the day when Christ, the light of the world, touched the earth.

The Light from Bethlehem a Sign of Hope

Fr. Breitinger highlighted the themes and experiences of the day in his sermon. Mary invited Jesus into her life, she gave him a place in the world and in her very self. As we are searching for fulfillment in our lives, we can look at Mary and the fulfillment of her longing: to give Jesus a place, to be the place where Jesus can work and graces can begin to flow.

Thus, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was an highly influential woman. By living like her and with her, we will also be able to influence our world. The prerequisites are be empty of self, ask that Jesus may come (with the all the consequences of his coming into our lives), and be ready to accept God's gifts like Mary.

Two women stepped forward, carrying candles, which were lit with the light from Bethlehem and passed on to a number of women representing all of the participants. As the creed was said, the women stood around the altar with the lights a sign of hope.

A member of the Schoenstatt Apostolate of the Sick and Handicapped read the petitions of the faithful. When bread an wine were brought for the offering, all the lights were placed by the altar.

The holy Mass which was also attended by a bigger number of husbands, and children of the participants ended with the joyful "O Triune god, receive Eternal praises ..."

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