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Something for everyone
Alternative Programs

Gesprächsrunden zur Vertiefung
10 Minuten mit Pater Kentenich
10 minutes with Father Kentenich
Kreativangebote in der Jugendbildungsstätte Sonnenau
Infostände zu unterschiedlichen Themen
Geistliches Zentrum - Zeit zum Gebet

Discussion groups, singing, meditative dancing, creative workshops, presentations about Sr. Emilie Engel, Maria Laufenberg, Gertraud von Bullion women from the founding time of Schoenstatt -, a video about the Pope's visit to Nazareth on this day, a tour of the Fr. Kentenich House, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and prayer times in several Schoenstatt Shrines, reconciliation, and meeting with Fr. Kentenich in the Founder Chapel were offered as alternative program.

Many women wanted to just go to a shrine for silent prayer. About 180 women visited the Founder Chapel, where Fr. Kentenich was shown as the one who helps to find and seek forgiveness as he showed God as the merciful Father of each one. In unity with the Pope's seeking for forgiveness on the first Lent Sunday, the women were encouraged to write the names of those they him to help them to forgive, but also the names of those of whom they want to seek forgiveness, on rose sheets which were placed on the carpet in the Founder Chapel.

Spiritual Center in House Sonnenau

House Sonnenau, the house of the Schoenstatt Girls' youth, was a spiritual center. Many went to the House Chapel there for mediation and silent prayer. In the entrance hall, displays with information about the various Schoenstatt branches made for good starting points for discussions. Brochures, magazines, and leaflets with information were passed on. Schoenstatt students offered silk scarves, coffee was served, and many just went there to see whom they would meet.

The Schoenstatt members who had brought friends along used the time to show them around. "But I also discovered places in Schoenstatt I had never seen before," shared a young woman who belongs to Schoenstatt since several years. I had never been in House Marienau the house of the Priests' federation, before!"

"I just did not know what to decide for", said one woman. "I had liked to go everywhere. Then, I decided to go to confession and it was the best I could have done!"

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