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"Today, God is Looking at the Women of the World"
Talk, Father Dr. Lothar Penners, Schoenstatt

Pater Dr. Lothar Penners, Schoenstatt
Teilnehmerinnen beim Vortrag in der Pilgerkirche
Participants during the presentation in the Pilgrim Church

In his talk, Father Dr. Lothar Penners, Schoenstatt, invited the participants to ponder about God looking into to face of Mary 2000 years ago, and looking at the women of the world, on this day.

Quoting Max Picard, Fr. Penners pointed at the fascination of looking into the face of a person, of two persons face to face an encounter beyond mere rational insight. "Time seems to stand still for a moment, when two persons look into each other's face and see each other."

Two thousand years ago, God looked into the face of a woman Mary. Looking at her, he realized the "face" of her time a time filled with longing for redemption, a time full of fear, confusion, irrational hopes. He also saw the longing of the women of this time the longing for education, for participation, for being regarded as equal human beings. He noticed the longing typical for each woman the longing for eternity of love and relationship. God turned to a woman a woman who he chose to be the mother and bride of his begotten Son.

Dignity and Beauty, Justice and Mercy, Home and Hope

Today, God is looking at the Women of the world. The faces of the women have become more individualistic ones, they are less protected, reflecting the powers of body and soul mirroring the changes in view of female roles. Women are called today like Mary was called 2000 years ago to impress "female" characteristics to this world. The charisma of women is shining in the church and world.

Women are called to say a sincere "Yes" to their responsibility like the mothers of the disappeared persons did in Chile, in Argentina. It is necessary to say a clear Yes or No, to see: We cannot go on like that and we are ready to act according to the Gospel. A time marked by radical changes like this beginning 3rd millennium needs the charisma of women and women ready to live out of this charisma in covenant with Mary, the woman who said her total Yes.

Fr. Penners encouraged the women, to actively contribute and trust the special moments and places of grace offered in this Holy Year.

It would not be easy in a sometimes complicated and difficult world but wit Mary, participating in her charisma, each woman is called and able to help create a world with a significant "plus" of dignity and beauty, justice and mercy, home and hope.

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