Schönstatt: Begegnungen am Ursprungsort

Moment mal ...

Brunhilde Battenfeld, Hillringhausen

"It was a good experience. Often we put out ourselves under pressure. The problems are similar, and it is good to know others have the same problems, and they know a way to cope with them. Something like this should be more often, such a sharing of experiences. Maybe also in our town. "

Elfi Wolf, Prince George, Kanada

"What I liked very much the ideal of bringing my faith into the business world, into my professional life. I am legal administrator, and I tried to do it that way. It was inspiring to hear how others try the same."

Susanne Trumpfheller, Mainz

"I liked that women from so totally different walks of life shared their experiences. What I also consider to be very important: to accept one's own limitations, to be able to say: I cannot do this."

Helene Rühle, Stuttgart

"Christine Kaiser who is managing her household said something which I think is important also for professional women: to not take oneself too important, to step back at times, to pass the ultimate responsibility on to someone else, to God. In professional life you often think nobody could substitute for you. It is so hard to give responsibility away, to let go you always fear you might be regarded less important. And then you are sick, and it is not the end of the world for the others but for me ..."

Salome Gennich, Frankfurt

"I did not know that something like that would take place today. I just wanted to spend this feastday in Schoenstatt. I come so often. But today I was really lucky, this experience is a special gift for me. We people are often afraid of the future, don't know how our life will go on. The experiences shared this morning were important for me, these were things that touched my own life. This is the day that makes my joy and hope grow!"

Wilma Lerchen, Höhr-Grenzhausen

"I was specially impressed by Rita Busch's statement about her work at the anonymous phone line for pregnant women. And these three women did not just give a talk, they spoke from their heart."

Dr. Barbara Buck, Wurzen

"To pass my responsibility on to God, to let go in the most decisive moment of responsibility that's what I remember specially from Christine Kaiser's contribution. We should think about that also in the professional responsibilities."

P. Theo Breitinger, Schönstatt

"I am really pleased with the course of the day so far, and I have the impresion that the women were involved. It is a good atmosphere, Now I hope that the alternative program this afternoon will offer something for each one, and that the women can ask their questions and share their experiences."

Irmtraud Misch, Hausen

"Everything is beautiful today. I specially liked the 'open house' of the Kaiser family. Spontaneously, I thought: If I were young, I would try and do the same."

Roswitha Knospe, Heiligenhaus

"I was looking forward to this day since a long time. I am here for the mother children weekend of the Schoenstatt Mothers. The statements were good and important for my life."

Karin Fath, Hausen

"I am here for the first time, my friend invited me to come. I liked the '10 Miuntes with Father Kentenich', this time in the Founder chapel meant a lot to me. I was also impressed by the examples shared by Rita Busch, who helped pregnant women on the anonymous phone line. I tried something similar, and it is good to know we are not alone."


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