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Alternative Wallfahrtsform, beobachtet am Sonntag: Warum nicht mit der Pferdekutsche nach Berg Schönstatt?
Alternative Pilgrimage to Mount Schoenstatt – as seen on Sunday, February 20.

Father Vinzenz Henkes of the Schoenstatt Adoration Fathers celebrated his 40th ordination anniversary on February 5th, 2000. More than 20 Schoenstatt Fathers, novices and students from several countries, celebrated a holy Mass in the adoration church.

Relatives and friends from Father Henkes’ Westerwald home town, parishioners from his first parish near Münster, Schoenstatt Sisters – specially adoration sisters – and many members of Schoenstatt communities joined the holy Mass. At the beginning, Father Henkes thanked everyone who came. In his sermon, Father Erhard spoke about vocation and the special gift of being called to be priest.

The Schoenstatt Mothers’ Leaders convention (leaders of nearby dioceses) took place in House Marienland from February 3rd – 6th.

A team of Professional Women met at the same time to prepare a workshop on Christian responsibility in the working area. This workshop will take place in November.

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