Schönstatt: Begegnungen am Ursprungsort

"I like our international community!"
Schoenstatt – Worldwide Covenant

(mkf) Students from Chile, a couple from the United States, youth from Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico and Ireland visited Schoenstatt: "I like our international community!"

Some students form the German school in Santiago, Chile, who were spending some weeks on students’ exchange in Germany, came for a short visit to Schoenstatt. They had heard about Schoenstatt in Chile, and were interested in visiting the place where it all began. They went to the Original Shrine and Founder Chapel, and paid a short visit to the Father Kentenich House.

A couple from USA came to thank Father Kentenich for his intercession. Young people from Mexico, Ireland, and Paraguay visited Schoenstatt for some days or hours.

A group of teenagers from Argentina on a trip through Europe stopped in Schoenstatt because one of knew Schoenstatt and wanted to show this place to her friends.

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