Schönstatt: Begegnungen am Ursprungsort

Day of Consecrated Life celebrated in Schoenstatt
February 2nd, 2000

(mkf) Following an invitation of the Institutes of Ladies of Schoenstatt and of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, about 450 members of Schoenstatt Secular Institutes and Federations joined for a solemn benediction in the adoration church to renew their consecrations.

A team of Ladies of Schoenstatt and Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary had put texts together and prepared a solemn benediction with psalms and readings from the Holy Father’s "Vita Consecrata" on the subjects of vocation, community, and mission. Verses from the "Home song" linked the texts with the Schoenstatt spirituality. Symbols – a candle for vocation, a flower bouquet for community, and a crucifix and MTA picture for the mission – were carried to the steps of the altar.

After a number of rainy days, beautiful sunshine made for an early spring atmosphere in Schoenstatt. Joyful anticipation was felt when members of the Schoenstatt Secular Institutes, Federations, and a number of League members arrived at the adoration church. The celebration began at 5:00PM, and the church was filled by then.

A choir with members of the Schoenstatt Sisters and Ladies of Schoenstatt sang the Jubilee Song of the Holy Year and contributed responsorial songs.

Father Fleischlin greeted everybody at the beginning. Members of the different Institutes read the texts.

The celebration culminated in the common renewal of the consecrations – with texts from the celebration in Rome and in the universal church -, and the covenant renewal.

The celebration closed with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, prayers , blessing and the joyfully sung "O Triune God, receive Eternal praises ..."

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