31.12.1999 - 1.1.2000
Schönstatt International

Beten, das die Welt umkreist
Prayer Around the World
La oración que abraza al mundo

Adoration Church: Adoration and Holy Mass

Eucharistiefeier in der Anbetungskirche Berg Schönstatt

(mkf) Throughout the night, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament took place. Schoenstatt Members and guests joined the adoration sisters for silent prayer. Many also went to the Founder Chapel for some time of prayer. Letters, pictures, and the many stars placed there with the names of persons to be remembered in prayer widened the circle. In front of the Founder Chapel, the flags from Australia, India, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, South Africa, were placed - representing those countries, where the prayer chain began.

The bells of the adoration church started to ring at Midnight - inviting everyone to the Holy Mass in the Adoration Church at 12:30 pm. The Church was nearly full with members of the various communities. Many young people who had partied in the Sonnenau and been at the prayer service in the Original Shrine, also wanted to come to this Holy Mass. One said: "As I am in Schoenstatt, I want to begin the year 2000 with a holy Mass." The opening song was the official song of the Holy Year in Germany. The sisters' choir also sang the Jubilee Hymn for the Year 2000: "Christ, Lord, Brother and Friend, yesterday, today and forever! Amen, Halleluia!"

All were invited to begin the year 2000 with Our Mother Thrice Admirable, on her feastday. The first day of the year is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. In his sermon, Monsignor Zimmerer invited all to look at Mary, who brings us Christ, to go with her and to do everything for her. This is what we call covenant of love. The covenant of love was renewed, "My Queen, my Mother" being prayed in many different languages.

Adoration continued in the Adoration Church until 8:00 am.

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