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Mary, her Mission according to Joseph Kentenich
Kentenich Profile Sketches 1

Kentenich Profile Sketches are a series produced by the International Joseph Kentenich Institute for Research and Teaching. The aim of the series is to outline Father Kentenich's thinking and work and to offer it as an authentic understanding of his teaching and spirituality to interested groups in the Church and society. The series is appearing in collaboration with the Secretariate Father Joseph Kentenich.

Schoenstatt and ist Founder have become known in many countries because of their Marian devotion and orientation - almost like a trademark of Schoenstatt. Some Subjects of this book: His Starting point: Mary in theBible and Church teaching; his Theological Standpoint: The Mariological fundamental principle; his Spiritual Starting Point: Imitating Mary's life; his Prophetic Emphasis: Mary stand for all secondary causes.

Translation of the German original (Mary Cole).

Order: Schoenstatt Movement, Waukesha/WI, USA:

In Germany:

Jonathan Niehaus

New Vision and Life
the Founding of Schoenstatt

A detailed history and evaluation of Schoenstatt's founding, covering the years 1912 - 1919. Offers translations of key texts of this time. The book has been put together to open up to the English-speaking reader new vistas of how Schoenstatt came to be. As one of the numerous outstanding Catholic movements which the Holy Spirit has called to life, its founding has much to say about the Church's mission in the new age which stands before us.

Order: Schoenstatt Fathers, Waukesha, WI, USA,

In Germany:

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