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 published: 2007-11-02

John Pozzobon always present on our pilgrimage

Pilgrimage to Santa María, Brazil


Pilger aus der DiŲzese Condordia, Argentinien, am Heiligtum in Santa Maria, Brasilien

Peregrinos de la diocesis de Concordia, Argentina, en Santa Maria, Brasil

Pilgrims from the diocese of Concordia, Argentina, at the Shrine in Santa Maria, Brazil

Pilger aus der DiŲzese Condordia, Argentinien, am Heiligtum in Santa Maria, Brasilien


Teilnehmer mit Pater Argemiro

Participantes con† el Padre Argemiro

Participants with Fr. Argemiro

Teilnehmer mit Pater Argemiro

Teilnehmer mit Schwester Rosequiel  

Participantes con la Hna. Rosequiel

Participants with Sister Rosequiel

Teilnehmer mit Schwester Rosequiel

Der Enkel von Joao Pozzobon  

El nieto de Don Joao...

The grandson of John Pozzobon

Der Enkel von Joao Pozzobon

Fotos: Maria Emilia Campo de Alonso © 2007


ARGENTINA, María Emilia Campo de Alonso. On October 12th -14th a group of the faithful from the Diocese of Concordia composed of people from Chajari, Federación, San Salvador, Buenos Aires, Concordia, and Villa Elisa went on a long- planned pilgrimage, to the Tabor Shrine of Santa María, Brazil. They went to that holy land in which John Pozzobon, initiator of the Rosary Campaign, and Father Joseph Kentenich, the founder of Schoenstatt, had walked. They spent two days of intensive prayer that was almost like a spiritual retreat.

Sister Rosequiel welcomed them with her customary affection to the Retreat House after they experienced torrential rains shortly before departing and the four and a half hours at the Uruguayan customs office in Paso de los Libres. Upon their arrival they were happy to see an enormous Pilgrim MTA on their left and the Tabor Shrine to their right; it was as if the Pilgrim MTA was showing them the way to the Shrine. They had supper, and went to Holy Mass presided by Father Hugo, the priest who accompanied them. Afterwards, they visited Father Kentenichís room and upon entereing the room, the peace radiated from the Founding Father penetrated their hearts. Filled with this peace, they went to bed.

Encounter with John Pozzobonís family

The following day they were awakened with soft music that seemed like a choir of angels come down from heaven solely to awaken them. Then the tasks of the day began! After morning prayers and a breakfast prepared with much love by the Sisters, they participated in a talk presented by Father Argemiro, postulator of John Pozzobonís cause for canonization.

That afternoon the pilgrims visited Johnís house, recently restored, and they visited with his daughters, his son, Humberto, and his grandson, also named John Luiz Pozzobon, whose birthday is also on December 12th, just like his grandfather. When they bid farewell and were about to board the bus something beautiful happened: Humberto carried the Auxiliary MTA on his shoulder just like his father, reminding them that John had not died spiritually, but that he was always present on their pilgrimage.

From there they visited the cemetery where his two spouses, Teresa and Victoria, are buried in the same tomb close to John. This was a touching moment for all the pilgrims.

At Johní birthplace

The next stop was to the Blessed Motherís oratory in Faxinal do Soturno, which is very beautiful. Then on to Johnís family home, where Johnís youngest sister, Sofia, and other people awaited them. At Ribeirao they celebrated Eucharist, renewed their Baptismal promises, and five couples renewed their marriage vows. After Holy Mass the people from Ribeirao treated them to delicious barbecue, wine, beer, soft drinks, and a scrumptious birthday cake for one of the pilgrims from Concordia. With Brazilian and Argentinean songs, they were bid a joyful farewell. It had been pleasing to spend a wonderful day with simple and humble people who welcomed them very warmly.

Last day of the pilgrimage

On Sunday they were again awakened to the music of the "heavenly choir of angels." They prayed, had breakfast, and made the Stations of the Cross that took them to the Vila Nobre da Caridade, or Noble Village of Charity. After participating in the Eucharist concelebrated by Father Argemiro and Father Hugo, they visited the blue chapel, the small chapel built by John, which is perfectly preserved; it even has the same curtains he placed there. On the return trip they prayed the rosary, singing between each mystery. They finally arrived at the Retreat House, where they had lunch. Going to the Shrine to bid farewell, some of the pilgrims sealed their missionary commitment, and Father Hugo gave them his blessing. Affectionately bidding farewell to Sister Rosequiel, who took care of them from the moment they arrived until the moment of departure, they returned home pleased by the experiences they had and resolved to work hard during the year so that their Mother will give them the grace to return to Santa Maria.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA/amj



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